Dollar Tree Store Hours

Dollar Tree is a very useful retailer which is very convenient to find small supplies like electronic accessories, crafts, toys, personal care products and similar sort of numerous things. Dollar Tree Store Hours is also a very useful place to learn about the Store Hours and departments that serve in various area of products.

dollar tree store hours and locations

On this page for example, you have the entire list of the states where Dollar Tree is operating with beautiful product range and stores. Everything is priced at $1 at the Dollar Tree Hours and product range is surprisingly very big in comparison to other stores in this kind. Let’s focus on what we can find at Dollar Tree Stores at any instance: Household products; this is where you can purchase a kitchen ware, cleaning product, art supply or decorative accessories. I just counted few of them and of course you can find many more than this in stores of Dollar Tree. Pantry; snacks, confectioneries and easy food varieties like conserved food can might be provided in this department. Drinks like coffee, tea and beverages are possible to present on this page. Health and beauty; a lot of products at low costs can be found on this page. From grooming to vitamins and supplements there is a really big range with each product is priced at $1 only. Office and School; this is another product range where all the supplies for school and office are available. Biking accessories, packing mailing, toys and crafts with the official site of Dollar Tree is able to see. Notice that these products are not to be purchased alone, you have to buy a quantity indicated on each of the offer.


  1. Good Morning Dollar Tree im very much interested in applying for your Customer Service Work.Preferrably Cashier,or Stock Clerk willing to work.Part time hours any day of the week evenings as well Contact Email Address would like to apply.

  2. Am planning to open a dollar store in Africa so I have a lots of questions.

  3. Kenyatta is an incredible employee. She treats her customers with the upmost respect and is very professional. She acts like she loves her job and she really makes that store! The manager could do a bit more to jump in an help on busy days, I’ve noticed him act like he doesn’t notice how long the lines are sometimes. Kenyatta is always smile, upbeat, and the focal part of customer service for the store. She deserves to be moved up !!!!

  4. I need to talk to a district manager over tHe location on Fullerton and Cicero please and thanks

  5. You need lights in the parking lot in Thomaston, GA. It is terribly dark on that end of the shopping center.

  6. I live in Hubbard and my nearest dollar tree is in Woodburn and I cant find it on the list of dollar trees in Oregon so will u please check again and put it on so I can check what time the store open so thank you.

  7. I am looking for chez mix which I was told by store could be ordered online. They sell out the same day they get this product according to customer service employee’s

  8. This Dollar Tree on Sunray, Mn., is the worst in the whole nation when it comes to customer service. The manager is very uncourteous, and the employees behave as if they are the untouchables. They can be seen and heard insulting customers without fear of consequences. You may be forgiven to think that they are on some form of drugs. I don’t mean to get people to lose their job; but believe me this shop operates in a planet of its own.

  9. The cashier Henry III wouldn’t return the.44 cents that I dropped out of my change purse as I tried to pay for my purchase.

    All he did was argue with me that I really DIDN’T drop the change. He saw the change on the counter but argued that it is opened to be there before I stepped up to the counter.

    Poor customer service

    Also, he threw my receipt away and as I waited for him to retrieve it from the waste basket, he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say that it didn’t really matter.

    He has waited on me before and always seemed so nice. But this time, he must have needed the money more than practicing the old adage “the customer’s always right.”

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